01 Embarking on a Path of Weakness

As soon as I hit the ground, the sickening realization hit me. --My leg was broken.

It wasn’t the sound of the bone snapping or even the immediate pain that impacted me the most, but rather the realization that I was close to passing out. I knew that if I lost consciousness, there was a very high possibility I could bleed to death, since I was alone and no one was expected to visit the property for a week.

Call it survival, call it instinct, I immediately focused on the need to begin crawling, to make my way out of the compound in which I’d fallen from the rooftop above. The only route available was to drag myself around the entire building, spring the garage door on the other side of the property and then try and hail a taxi or passing car to get me to a hospital.

Praying out loud, I implored the Lord to give me the strength to make it, and to not lose consciousness.

I had glanced down only momentarily at my right foot and could tell from the odd angle that it now protruded from my leg that it was broken. And that focusing on my injury was certainly not going to give me the faith and courage I needed to press onward at all costs.